The hotel guest’s journey begins before the traveller steps into majestic hotel doors. The guest experience begins the moment they click on the hotel’s website. The hotel web content needs to attract international visitors, enthuse and most importantly, inform the visitor about the hotel service offering. 57% of all reservations are made online within the travel industry, and 75% of the consumers will only book in their language. Therefore if the hotel website content connects emotionally with the visitor, there is a higher chance that the guest will make a purchase which will convert to revenue. Proving why hotels must translate their web content.

Globalisation proves that not all your hotel website visitors can speak English and 47% of the web is non-English speaking. The website content translation caters to the needs of your guests whose first language is not English. Johannesburg-based hotels must provide their international guests with the option to learn about their hotels in their native languages. Presenting information in languages your future guests understand means you will be more likely to land international bookings.

Why Hotels Must Translate and Localise their Websites


The hospitality industry is very competitive, currently worth $570 billion worldwide. Translating your website content gives you the edge to stay ahead of your competitors, addressing the needs of your foreign audiences. Nine out of ten website users say they prefer to visit a site in their language, which is why it is crucial to carry out website content translations for the hotel industry. A translated website will put your business ahead of the competition, as people who speak different languages will want to trade with you.

Providing the best UX

A well-translated website offers a personal touch and familiarity with your brand. It provides much greater ease of use when small but important details, such as special offers and rates are written in the visitor’s native language. Attention to detail encourages international customers to book directly on your translated website content. The website content translation shows commitment, professionalism and respect towards your overseas guest by providing them with content that resonates and engages them in their preferred language.

SEO Boost

When the hotel’s website has been designed to attract visitors to and has your site. A well-thought-out and diligent multilingual SEO strategy need to be adopted. Search engines love dynamic content, and so do website visitors. Search engine spiders crawl the hotel webpages for changes in content, and good content ranks higher in results. The higher the rank results, the chances of more visitors to your website increase. Translated web content should be optimised and include relevant keywords for the target market in the metadata and also in the content of the pages themselves. Present fresh translated content for the website in the form of seasonal offers such as press releases, blogs, testimonials and guest reviews.


Localisation involves considering the cultural norms and preferences of your international guests. This will include adapting images for different markets and seeing that the text is displayed accurately. Your website content has to resonate with your audience and, you can localise it with the help of the SpeakPortuguese Translation Agency.

Cater for Global audiences

The tourism industry experiences busy and slow seasons. Translating the website content into multilingual languages will expand your hotel reach and allow you to tap into new revenue opportunities from non-traditional markets. Different regions have different customs and holidays which means it could be a slow season locally but a busy season somewhere else. Translated website content reaches a wider audience and brings clients in regardless of the time of the year.

German Translation –Website Content Translations

German Translation hotel website content translation significantly boosts your brand and credibility in overseas markets. When your international guests see your hotel services and product translation efforts, they have confidence in your hotel services. Foreign audiences would prefer engaging in business with a company that addresses the Portuguese language.

German Translation offers accurate translation for your website content, and we offer services in Portuguese, French, Spanish and German. Our translators use the correct terminology, style and jargon. Our specialised translators understand the terminology jargon of the hotel industry. German Translation assists hotels with multilingual website design, development and deployment to help achieve your multilingual website localisation project goals.

Let us help you speak in your guest’s language, providing an unforgettable user experience and booking journey. Contact SpeakPortuguese project managers, and we will help you serve more nationalities with a multilingual website.

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