German entry under Covid19 restrictions

Covid19 has affected most people/if not everyone negatively ever since it surfaced, from the day to day life, to travel and social life and all the outgoing privileges we took for granted before. The covid19 affected people’s way of life and businesses as well, it is due to the pandemic that Germany had to carry out German entry under Covid19 restrictions. Therefore everyone who will be entering the German country must complete an online entry registration, depending on the traveler’s country of departure. They have to issues a negative covid19 test results and they have to observe the quarantine regulations.

German entry under Covid19 restrictions-Johannesburg, Capetown, Durban, Pretoria


Covid19 entry restrictions in the Europeans countries

The EU-wide entry restrictions remain underway and the German entry under Covid19 restrictions are issued by the interior’s Federal Ministry, Building and Community (BMI, before the traveler’s  to in order to find out if there are any other regulations that one needs to adhere to, especially those that affect the country the applicant wants to travel to, which is Germany. There are certain individuals that do not fall under the German entry under Covid19 restrictions and are allowed entry in Germany, which are:

  • Individuals from EU member countries
  • Individuals from countries that are linked to the Schengen region: Switzerland, Lietchenstein, Iceland, and Norway.
  • Individuals from countries, whom entry is granted due to observational situation assessment by the EU.

Recommended Covid19 vaccines

As for individuals who come from other countries, for any other reason, they will only be allowed to enter once they have been fully vaccinated. The individual must make certain that they had their last dose of the covid19 vaccine 14 days prior the travel date and they have received the vaccine that is among the vaccines that are listed on the website of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, which are cormirnaty, Spikevax- COVID-19 VACCINE Moderna, COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen and Vaxzevria- COVIS-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca. With regards to individuals from other countries, who are not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated, an exception may only be made if there is an urgent need for the individual to enter the country.

German entry under Covid19 restrictions-Johannesburg, Capetown, Durban, Pretoria


German entry under Covid19 restrictions -visa application.

Long term visa

New application for visa can be processed and a new visa will be issued. If you are looking to apply for a long term visa under the reasons that third world countries may enter Germany, the application process does not differ from that of under non COVID-19 rules

Schengen visa

Individuals, who apply for the Schengen visa without being fully vaccinated, should apply for their visa with supplemental documents that aid their claim for an urgent travel. Find the list of individuals who are considered to be in need of urgent travel below:

  • Highly skilled workers, with skills that are necessary for an economic perspective.
  • Health researchers, health workers, geriatric workers.
  • Seasonal agricultural workers.
  • Individuals who are immigrating to Germany to join their family and those that visit Germany for urgent family reasons.
  • Freight transport and other transport personnel.
  • Foreign students, trainees, and nationals of non EU countries who will be entering Germany for a qualification, training or study program which cannot be fully possible from abroad.
  • Diplomats, Military personnel, staff of international organizations, humanitarian aid workers.
  • Ethnic German resettlers.
  • Passengers in transit.

German entry under Covid19 restrictions-Johannesburg, Capetown, Durban, Pretoria


To sum it all up, every individual that wants to travel to Germany from South Africa, must be considerate of the German entry restrictions and bear in mind that it is mandatory for all them to provide proof of their COVID-19 negative test results, proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination and/or proof of recovery from an infection (if applicable). The travelers must see to it that they have this proof before their travel date, as it must be presented to the airline before departure, if applicable. When the travelers reach their destination, they must continue adhering to the COVID-19 rules and regulations, by wearing their masks, in public transport, in stores, and in outdoor places where the minimum distance cannot be kept at all times. If the travelers experience any COVID-19 symptoms, they should visit a doctor or call the Germany hot line.

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Travelling to Germany from South Africa and visa application-Covid19
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