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The legal translation field, specializes in transforming legal materials from one language to another. As law depends on culture, it takes more than  translation but also knowledge of two or more countries’ legal systems for legal translation to work. Also, it is very important for an individual that works in this field of work to be equipped with positive communication skills, as the skill comes in very hand in this field of work. Numerous courts mandate that legal translations be conducted by certified and qualified translators. It is only translators with the required legal qualification who can be permitted to produce certified translation to the contentment of the court and other legal authorities.

Moreover, our Johannesburg legal translators have all your legal translation needs in the palms of their hands. We are quite knowledgeable about family law, corporate law, environmental law, human rights law, marriage law, insolvency law and others legal problems that our clients may come across. German translation has worked with legal practitioners hand in hand for years. As a result, our Johannesburg legal translators have gained great expertise and experience in this field to tackle and over turn any legal translation that our clients are in need of.


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Johannesburg legal translator – Legal firms exposure

In addition, conducting legal translation in Johannesburg, has given us a great chance to work with closely with notable law firms.  As a result, we gained much broader knowledge to conduct adequate legal translations. Our Johannesburg legal translation team members play a vital role in making certain that the translated legal messages are well received and understood, by the legal practitioners, clients and the court at large. Our translators see to it that, the translated documents are received on time and in the clients and/or legal practitioner’s home languages. It is equally important for translation and interpretation companies to allocate translators and interpreters who are knowledgeable about the client’s need who also have circumstantial understanding of the matter.

Johannesburg legal translators – Legal system knowledge

Even though , legal translation is regarded as one of the most demanding translation services that translators have to conduct, we relentlessly excel in doing it. We alternatively make it a point that our clients are not burdened by any legal documents jargon or language barrier. Furthermore, the diversity of our coverage ensures that the translations that we conduct look natural and knowledgeable to both our clients, the court and the legal practitioners, as we conduct a translation service that we are in fact well informed of. Moreover, this translation requires accuracy, it also needs one to be well knowledgeable about almost everything  that has to do with law or the legal system.

Johannesburg legal translators – Breaking the linguistic barriers

Linguistic barrier does not have to make our fellow foreign brothers and sisters’ legal issues more difficult by becoming a stumbling between the clients, legal practitioners and the courts. It is undoubtedly standing on their way to legal freedom. Our German language speaking, Johannesburg legal translators give accurate and adequate legal translations. While consequently making it a point that the mediation between the legal practitioner, the court and the client indistinguishably meets all the parties’ needs, likewise.


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The legal document translations we conduct

  • Personal documents and certificates translation
  • Contractual documents translation
  • Regulatory and technical documentation for corporate and government clients
  • Intellectual property documents translation
  • Litigation document translation
  • Immigration document translation
  • Confidentiality agreement translation
  • Foreign legal document translation
  • License translation
  • Summons translation
  • Arbitration translation
  • Affidavits translation
  • Legal certification translation
  • Legal disclaimers translation
  • Legal marketing translation
  • Will translation
  • Correspondence translation


German translation’s Johannesburg legal translators’ exceptional time management always leaves our clients in disbelief of how quickly and timely we deliver our services. We have been conducting legal translation for over 10 years and with the experience and expertise that we have gained over the past years we have managed to keep 90% of our clients as return clients, as we provide the best services. We see to it that, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in all things. We translate from English into GermanGerman into EnglishSpanish into English etc.

If you have any questions you’d like to discuss, please give us a call on 012 348 3134. Alternatively, send us an email to and a member of our friendly team will get back to you.

Johannesburg legal translators
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